Clarke County Election Returns, continuing the practice of its predecessor site, has provided Clarke county election returns since 1996, and has kept an online archive of those returns. In recent years the Board of Elections has posted returns to the website, rendering our posting redundant. We will therefore, in the future, link to the Board of Elections for election returns. We hope you have found this sevice useful. The archives will remain online, as they extend back farther than those available on the Board of Elections website.

November 30,2010 General Election Runoff

November 2, 2010 General Election results

December 2, 2008 General Election Runoff results

November 4, 2008 General Election, Official results

July 15, 2008 Primary Election, Official Results

Previous elections have been archived, beginning with the November 1996 General Election.

Tue, August 10, 2004 Primary and Non-Partisan General Election Runoff

Jul 20, 2004 Primary and Nonpartisan General Election

These are the final returns by precinct.

November 5, 2002 General Election

These are the returns as certified by the Athens/Clarke County Board of Elections.

A note about 2002 turnout

The news media, in their never ending quest for bad news, insist on including inactive voters in calculating turnout. Voters on the inactive list are those who would have been purged from the list entirely before motor voter was passed in 1993. It is a sort of purgatory from which voters may return without re-registering. They almost never do, however. In the runoff, for example, we are not aware of any who voted from the inactive list. To do so would have generated a call from the precinct to the elections office. It didn't happen. Nearly all these folks are gone.

One, who used to live next door, is dead. He died in Ireland years ago, and the Dublin authorities have not provided a death certificate. We watch with interest to see if he votes.

September 10, 2002 Primary and Non-Partisan Runoff

Following a remarkable turnout of nearly 40% in the Primary, Clarke County posted an astounding 34% turnout in the Runoff. Official runoff returns.

August 20, 2002 Primary and Non-Partisan Election

The Clarke County vote has been certified. Turnout was substantially better than expected at 39.9%, led by precinct 5A at 58.3%.

Official returns for the Clarke County August 20 Primary and Non-Partisan Election. This is the actual MS Excel spreadsheet from the Board of Elections Computer. Sheet 1 is the Democratic Primary, Sheet 2 is the Republican Primary, and Sheet 3 is the Non-Partisan Election. This posting contains corrrections as of Noon on Fri, Aug 23, 2002.

Statewide August 20, 2002 Primary returns from the Georgia Secretary of State.


November 6, 2001 Board of Education Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax Referendum

Official results by precinct

November 7, 2000 General Election

July 18, 2000 Primary

March 7, 2000 Presidential Preferrence Primary

November 3, 1998 General Election July 21, 1998, General Primary

March 18, 1997 School SPLOST

November 5, 1996, General Election.

Returns for State and Federal elections since 1988. This is a link to the Secretary of State's files, and includes statewide races, Georgia House and Senate races, US House races, judicial circuit races, and ballot questions.