Voting an absentee ballot

Conditions In person By mail

You may vote by absentee ballot if:

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Voting in person:

An elector may vote by presenting himself at the office of the Board of Elections in the courthouse during the 45 days preceding an election.

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Voting by mail:

An elector may apply for an absentee ballot not more than 180 days prior to the election. Applications for absentee ballots may be made in person at the registrar's office, by mail, or if available, by facsimile transmission to the registrar's office. The application must be in writing and shall contain sufficient information for proper identification of the elector; the permanent or temporary address to which the ballot shall be mailed; the election for which the ballot is requested, and the reason for requesting the absentee ballot. For primaries you must specify a Republican or Democrat ballot. If you are physically disabled or living temporarily outside your county of residence, a close relative may apply for an absentee ballot for you. As a convenience, absentee ballot request forms are available from the office of the Board of Elections.

Click here for an application which you may fill out on screen, print and submit. You may also print the form without filling it out. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader, a free download.

Requests should be sent to:

Board of Elections and Registration
325 East Washington Street
Athens, GA 30601

The fax number is (706) 613 3840.

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Tue, Jul 30, 2002