The fascist pursuit of Marxist goals

A land use plan has been passed for Athens-Clarke County. It is modeled after plans in effect in Oregon and California. Plans of this model have not had the intended effect where tried. Most people would like it even less if the plans had succeeded.

  1. Smart growth, dumb planners Links to critiques of this style of planning. The information on this page is essential to understanding what the "planners" have in mind for us.
  2. Reason Magazine: "Sprawl Brawl." An excellent source of information and arguments for both sides of the issue.
  3. Dense Thinkers: The New Urban Planning Nightmare This article from Reason may be the best summary of of the problem.
  4. The Myth of Smart Growth A paper from the Georgia Public Policy Foundation
  5. John Locke Foundation public policy report #29
  6. And then, of course, come die Shönheitspolizei. Access to this New York Times column requires that you register, for free, with their website.

What is worse, there is ample evidence that "New Urbanism" leads to increased crime. Bicycle paths turn out to be criminogenic. See "Burglar-Friendly Neighborhoods", Randal O'Toole, Liberty, April 2004, ppf. 21. Good luck finding a copy.

  1. Creating Defensible Space, HUD User, access to 126 page Office of Policy Development and Research document in pdf format.
  2. Designing out Crime: The Cost Of Policing New Urbanism, a report on the British experience.
  3. The American Dream Coalition opposes the myths of the "Smart Growth" believers.