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An unfortunate number of Conservative pages have disappeared from the web, among them the excellent Right Side of the Web and Conservative Generation X sites. Right Now, one of the very best, has not only disappeared, but its web address is being used by a sort of missionary travel agency. The page selling The Lyin' King by Slick Willie and the Inhalers is also missing. Perhaps these will be resurrected as the next presidential election cycle gets under way.

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You have heard him on the Rush Limbaugh show and even on C-SPAN. He has a Web site with sound clips from his albums. Check out Bob Zimmerman from his new album. Paul Silhan is the most prolific of the anti-Clinton master's of musical parody.

Also heard on Rush with great regularity is Paul Shanklin, whose new album, This Land was Your Land, features "Livingstone, Susan and Huang" and "Algore Paradise" among its hits

The Lyin' King.

There is, or at least was, an album by Slick Willie and the Inhalers, which featured hits such as "The Liar Sleeps Tonight" and "You don't Bring Me [Gennifer] Flowers Anymore." You could have bought it at, but the link is broken. If anyone finds these guys, E-mail the Webmaster.

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