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CCSD 2009-2010 Budget Hearings

The Clarke County School District has three public hearings on its proposed 2009-2010 budget and millage rate scheduled for this month. They are:

Thursday, 23 April - Gaines Elementary School (6:00 p.m.)

Tuesday, 28 April - Alps Road Elementary School (6:00 p.m.)

Thursday, 30 April - Central Office Board Room (6:00 p.m.)

View a summary of the approximately $128.3 million proposed budget here. The proposed millage rate remains at the maximum of 20 mills imposed by the Georgia Constitution (it can go no higher without approval through a countywide referendum). The Board of Education has already tentatively approved both the proposed budget and millage rate. Final adoption of both is slated for 6:30 p.m. on Thursday, 04 June.

The proposed budget can be found at this link: click for budget

Contacts for the Board of Education can be found at this link: contacts



David Frum's diary
National Review Online

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I haven't posted much on the New Orleans disaster. There are so many people on the spot, adding so much to genuine understanding, that it seemed an absurd waste of your time for me to add my distant words. Tonight though I was invited by the BBC to talk about the political fall-out from Katrina with Sidney Blumenthal. To prepare, I spent some hours immersing myself in the catalogue of left-wing attacks on the Bush administration.

Now let me declare at the onset: Katrina has obviously not been the finest hour of American emergency management. There may well be fault on the part of the federal government and this administration. I'm certainly open to evidence on that point.

But to review the wild, contradictory, and utterly opportunistic charges from the administration's critics is to enter a realm of madness. Some patient bloggers are responding to the charges one by one. Here is a post in reply to the charge that the levees were somehow neglected. Here is an accounting for the Louisiana National Guard: 8,000 of whom remain on duty in-state, including the Guard's most pertinent engineer group, numbering four battalions.

Here is a crushing reply to those who blame the Bush administration for hurricanes - when hurricane activity has in fact dropped since 1940. Here is one of many stories detailing how the notorious New Orleans police force led the breakdown of civic order. (For those who deplore the sharp drop-off in the flow of federal funds to Louisiana since 1999, here is a link to one important explanation: the resignation of former Speaker of the House and Appropriations Committee chairman Bob Livingston [R., La.] after Larry Flynt and Hustler magazine threatened to publish details of Livingston's marital infidelity, in order to punish Republicans for the then-looming impeachment of Bill Clinton on perjury charges.)

And yet ... and yet ... is all this really necessary? The time will come, and come very soon, when the great self-critical mechanisms of American society and government will go to work to study what went wrong. Those who deserve blame will get blame in plenty then. But now - with the dead still uncounted and unburied, with the living still struggling for refuge and help, is there not something indecent about the haste with which the American left avidly tries to turn this terrible disaster to political account?

Is there not something bizarre about their willingness to fire off accusation after accusation, each contradicting the last? The disaster was caused by the Bush administration's failure to protect the environment from global warming .... no, no, it was caused by the administration's refusal to manipulate the environment by funding more levees to control the Mississippi River .... it's Iraq, no it's budget cuts, no it's wetlands, and on and on and on.

Good God, what is wrong with these people? Will they ever learn to see somebody else's misfortune as something more than their political opportunity?

Mississippi governor Haley Barbour is right. This tragedy is bringing out the worst in many people. And I wonder, as I watch the volunteers cooking food for the houseless in the Houston Astrodome, or supplies being delivered by rescue workers who are living in cars because there is no place else for them, or the elderly being hoisted to safety - I wonder: why at a moment like this can we not live up to their generous spirit. Why can't we act first, investigate afterward, and let blame and credit be apportioned as they are due, when they are due?


Mon, Jun 13, 2005

The European Commission has just announced an agreement for English to be the official language of the European Union. German was the other possibility, but the Germans compromised, provided some of their efficiency recommendations were accepted. But the French were totally against any agreement and they voted against any violation of their vocabulary.

As part of the negotiations, Her Majesty's Government conceded that English spelling had some room for improvement and has accepted a 5-year phase-in plan that will become known as "Euro-English".

In the first year, "s" will replace the soft "c". Sertainly, this will make the sivil servants jump with joy. The hard "c" will be dropped in favour of "k". This should klear up konfusion, and keyboards kan have one less letter.

There will be growing publik enthusiasm in the sekond year when the troublesome "ph" will be replaced with "f". This will make words like fotograf 20% shorter.

In the 3rd year, publik akseptanse of the new spelling kan be expekted to reach the stage where more komplikated changes are possible. Governments will enkourage the removal of double letters which have always ben a deterent to akurate speling. Also, al wil agre that the horibl mes of the silent "e" in the languag is disgrasful and it should go away.

By the 4th yer peopl wil be reseptiv to steps such as replasing "th" with "z" and "w" with "v".

During ze fifz yer, ze unesesary "o" kan be dropd from vords kontaining "ou" and similar changes vud of kors be aplid to ozer kombinations of leters.

After zis fifz yer, ve vil hav a reli sensibl riten styl. Zer vil be no mor trubl or difikultis and evrivun vil find it ezi to understand ech ozer. Ze drem of a united urop vil finali kum tru. And zen ve vil tak over ze vorld!

Yard signs reveal more than politics.

An acquaintance of a friend has a cousin who is a TV cable installer. The cousin, let's call him Dwayne, claims there are fringe benefits to his job. Dwayne boasts that he gets a lot of "gap" (pronounced "yawp") in the course of making house calls. He also observes that if there is a Kerry-Edwards sign in the yard, or a Kerry-Edwards bumper sticker on the car in the drive, he is much more likely to get some "gap." On the other hand, if there is a Bush-Chaney sign you might as well forget it.

Democrats show true colors again!

Remember 2000? Democrats roughing up children outside the Naval Observatory grounds? This post from tha Power Line blog shows that they are at it again.

In the photo below, three-year-old Sophia Parlock cries while sitting on her father's shoulders. Her Bush-Cheney sign was grabbed by Democratic thugs and ripped to pieces, reducing the child to tears. We are picking up more and more reports of this kind of behavior by Democrats on the campaign trail. A week or two ago, this partisan violence, once unheard of in Minnesota politics, occurred at the Minnesota State Fair when Democratic thugs roughed up a couple of Republican college students.

Crying girl

Open legislative seat

Louise McBee has announced that she will not run for re-election in her newly redistricted Georgia House seat. The exquisite Jane Vandiver Kidd has announced as a Democrat.

Check back for more.

Tasty toxins

We all know Ben & Jerry's as a supporter of left wing causes. (See below)

According to a study published on unsafe levels of dioxin were measured in a sample of Ben & Jerry's ice cream. Ben & Jerry's don't deny the allegations, in fact according to their own promotional literature "Dioxin is known to cause cancer, genetic and reproductive defects and learning disabilities... The only safe level of dioxin exposure is no exposure at all."

Michael Gough, lead author, said "The level of dioxin in a serving of the Ben & Jerry's World's Best Vanilla Ice Cream tested was almost 200 times greater than the 'virtually safe (daily) dose' determined by the EPA. Mr. Gough is a former government scientist who chaired the U. S. Department of Health and Human Services advisory panel on the effects of dioxin-contaminated Agent Orange on U. S. Air Force personnel in Vietnam.

Bull market

Now, tell me again,
just how much of this
is the Clinton-Gore
responsible for?

Quotes of note

"...[L]ibertine radicals are afraid of traditional religion, understanding that it is a wellspring of morality. They abhor the concept of moral discernment, and would redefine virtue as the loving embrace of depravity. Theirs is a religion of moral nihilism. Their fear of things holy is palpable. There are consequences to our unwillingness to draw lines between good and evil, and our unwillingness to allow individuals to bear the burden of their choices and behavior. The ultimate consequence is social anarchy followed by despotism, as people beg the government to take control. But there are signs of a turning. People of faith, after a long sleep on the sidelines, are entering the political fray...." --Linda Bowles

"In their piecemeal way, liberals have always pursued the same ultimate goal as socialists and Communists: the remaking of society. ..On this view, the population is merely raw material for the state, to be reshaped by the authoritative vision of the 'progressive' elite. The 'rule of law' under such a system is merely instrumental to the state's ends, rather than an end in itself. Communist rulers write their own constitutions, endowing themselves with limitless power. For American liberals, the U.S. Constitution becomes a 'living and breathing document,' as Vice President Al Gore recently put it -- that is, a document whose meaning can be altered by the progressive elite to serve its goals." --Joseph Sobran

"In 1993, the last year that David Dinkins was mayor of New York, there were 212 intentional police shootings of civilians (many of them African-Americans). This compares to only 73 shootings by the Giuliani police force in the past year. In 1991, during Dinkins' reign, there were 41 fatalities resulting from police shootings. In 1999, under Giuliani there were only 11. Yet at no time during Dinkins' reign, did the socially conscious demand that the Justice Department step in to end the epidemic of 'police brutality' and/or incompetence of the Dinkins administration. There has been no mention of this hypocrisy in the press. Might this be because Dinkins is a Democrat, a leftist and black?" --David Horowitz

And they call her "Hitlary"

"It is necessary that the individual should come to realize that his own ego is of no importance in comparison with the existence of his nation," declared Adolph Hitler in 1933. Six decades later, Hillary Rodham Clinton is beating the same drum. "We must," she says, "stop thinking of the individual and start thinking about what is best for society."

Willie's New Years Eve

The Washington Times, 1/7/2000

President Clinton was having a delicious time at his New Year's Eve gala dinner at the White House, someone who was there tells us.
Mr. Clinton, pulling rank when the seating was arranged, like any red-blooded American man would, put himself between Sophia Loren — in a low-cut black Armani gown — and Elizabeth Taylor.
Miss Taylor, according to our well-connected Democratic guest, simmered toward a boil as the dinner went on. She thought the president was focusing entirely too much attention on Miss Loren.
"She said to the president, 'I hope you are not going to spend the whole evening staring at her boobs.'
"The president replied, 'I don't do that anymore.'
" 'Bull——,' replied Miss Taylor."
The president turned so red he barely spoke to her the rest of the evening, the witness says.

Your tax dollars at work

In the boy's best interest

Remember what Clinton said about the pending government decision regarding the fate of six-year-old Elian Gonzalez, the Cuban boy rescued from an inner tube off the Florida coast last Thanksgiving. Willie said that the deciding factor wold be the boy's best interest. The Clinton administration has now decided that a six year old child would be better off living under a Communist dictatorship than in the United States.

Hang onto your knickers, Al

The Washington Post, in a front-page in-depther on Bill Bradley, portrays him as driven and insecure as a young scholar-athlete. In the pros, New York magazine described how the swifter Houston Rocket (and Baltimore Bullet) Jack Marin spent every game against the Knicks "trying to escape Bradley's vise-like hold on his shorts." In an interview 26 years later, Marin had yet to forgive Bradley entirely: "He was one of the dirtiest players I ever played against."

Local boy makes FOP list

At the recent National Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) conference in Alabama, the delegation in attendance voted unanimously to begin a boycott of persons, products and companies associated with the supporting of convicted cop killer Mumia Abu-Jamal.

In case you don't know, this man was convicted in the 1981 killing of Philadelphia Police Officer Daniel Faulkner. The act was an especially brutal and sadistic murder that still haunts the family, friends and coworkers of Officer Faulkner.

The F.O.P. has announced the formal boycotting of the following:

1. Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Products who are donators to a defense fund for the killer.
2. Actor Paul Newman, an outspoken supporter of the killer.
3. Actress Susan Sarandon, another supporter of the killer.
4. Filmmakers Spike Lee, Oliver Stone and John Landis, supporters of the killer.
5. Writers Norman Mailer and Joyce Carol Oates, supporters of the killer. <BR>
6. Super model Naomi Campbell, supporter of the killer.
7. Musicians Sting, David Byrne and Michael Stipe of REM, supporters of the killer.

Just what did Gore study at St. Albans ?

Vice President Al Gore said Sunday he has hired feminist author Naomi Wolf to help attract younger voters, especially women. Wolf's books espouse some controversial views. In her latest, "Promiscuities," she argued among other things that schools should teach such things as masturbation because it is more realistic than abstinence and safer than sexual intercourse.
Wolf has engendered controversy with her claims that teaching kids "sexual gradualism" techniques like masturbation and oral sex is "as sensible as teaching them how to drive."

Etiquette for the new millennium

Slate Magazine, one of the few intelligent liberal sources of news and commentary, has an advice column:

Dear Prudence,

As a young man approaching 40, I am confused about how I am supposed to react to women's fashions. At a recent conference of professionals, we were seated around a U-shaped table--glass--with no tablecloth. Several of these professional women across from me were wearing Ally McBeal skirts. They spent the entire meeting pulling their skirts down so their lingerie preferences were not so obvious. Am I supposed to look at the ceiling the entire meeting, steal the occasional glance, or just assume it's a '90s thing?

Along these same lines, I was recently in a retail store and the clerk had on a summer dress. As she leaned over the counter to hand me my purchase, it became clear that her lingerie preference was none at all. I didn't know whether to stare at the ceiling, pretend I saw nothing, or thank her for the free show. In both instances, these women had to know that everyone was getting an eyeful. I missed the era of free love while in grade school and am wondering if we are now in the era of free looks.

--Somewhat Dazed and Confused

Dear Some,

You have nicely named our new era. Fashion is deep into spandex and see-through, with the off-one-shoulder style occasionally revealing a stray boob. Alas, the '90s motto, "Let it all hang out," has moved from emotions to body parts.

Clothing is meant to cover or reveal. The look-at-me outfits say just that. As for your particular question about Ally McBeal skirts and ladies minus underwear, Prudie feels these people do not purchase their clothes in the dark, so whatever is able to be seen is fair game for whatever response feels natural. You may even stare if you like. Prudie gives you permission.

--Prudie, permissively

The Cox Report

Chinese espionage--The Cox Report--Read it--Buy it

To make a long story short, Clinton has been bankrolled by Chinese agents for at least two decades, with disastrous results for national security. Read David Horowitz on The Manchurian Candidate, it's not just an old Frank Sinatra movie any more.

Willie sets fox to guard henhouse

Republican National Committee Chairman Jim Nicholson today expressed grave concern over President Clinton's reported decision to appoint former California congresswoman Jane Harman as a member of a panel that is to investigate alleged Chinese spying at U.S. nuclear labs. Nicholson's statement follows:
"As a former member of Congress, Jane Harman deserves respect. But as President Clinton must know, Jane Harman also has been employed as a paid foreign agent of the government of the People's Republic of China. To appoint her to investigate allegations of espionage by the Chinese government gives at least the appearance of a serious and troubling conflict of interest."

Our man in Washington

According to an article in The New Australian, Chinese officials refer to Clinton as "nanren men zai hua sheng dun" (our man in Washington) with good reason. They are astounded at their good fortune in finding a president who will sell out his country. Click here for more.

The view from across the pond

In the Daily Telegraph, Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, the most determined anti-Clinton journalist in Britain, said in an op-ed that it was "time to admit defeat." He blamed the Republicans for letting the president "off the hook" by the "betise" of indicting him on Monica Lewinsky charges instead of on "the politicisation of the Justice Department and the FBI that forms the core scandal pervading the abuses of this administration." He concluded, "So the man caught red-handed in perjury, obstruction of justice and ungallantly smearing his lover as a demented stalker is hailed as the winner. The world knows that he is guilty, but he is the one enjoying a victory cigar. What a way to end the 20th century."

Did Carville give Hustler those FBI files?

According to a story in the Friday, January 8 Washington Times, the source of Larry Flynt's salacious stories about Republicans is the 900 FBI files illegally obtained and retained by the Clinton's. The source of the story is Larry Flynt's daughter, who claims to be in fear for her life. Click for the story.

Operation what?

Troops in the Middle East, ordered to carry out actions intended to delay impeachment, are reported to be referring to "Operation Desert Fox" as "Operation Free Willie."

Worse yet, Clinton's adventure has depleted the inventory of conventionally armed Air Launched Cruise Missiles (ALCM) by 40%. The missiles are long out of production, and re-starting the line would be prohibitively costly. The alternative, converting nuclear armed ALCMs, would seriously degrade our strategeic capabilities.

Clinton's secret political police

Clinton's lawyer jokes and their private eyes (both groups shared with the National Enquirer, caused the resignation of Speaker-to-be Bob Livingston. White House operatives shopped the story around until they found the only publication sleazy enough to take it--Larry Flint's Hustler. Check out Dick Morris's column in the New York Post.

Wag the Dog redux

Does anyone really think that impending impeachment had nothing to do with Clinton's newest military adventure? Maybe he thinks the Republican Guard is Newt's private army. The Democrats are complaining that the House is proceding with imeachment while our sons and daughters were in harm's way. Didn't bother them a damn bit to try to impeach Nixon while Americans were actually fighting and dying in Vietnam. Clinton and his friends loathed the militay back then.

This is a list of previous times that Clinton has used military force against Iraq. It was compiled by Washington Times.

Clinton grand jury video finds practical use

Neal Boortz reports that a listener e-mailed him the following:

"Just thought you'd like to know--yesterday at the police academy I am attending we had a GBI special agent come in to speak to us about interviewing and interrogating.--To teach us various skills, he used the video tape of Clinton's testimony. It was clear to see the fake smiles, look aways, head down, etc. This agent is an expert--has been with the GBI for 18 years.---He said he couldn't find a better teaching tool or example of someone lying. I guess we can thank Clinton for providing us with this teaching aid.!!"

Starr report

Judge Starr has sent to congress his report of possibly impeachable offenses. The soggy butt story is confirmed. The stain on the dress was Willie's.

Soggy butt

Just when you think it can't get any worse.... The Lecher in Chief and Monica the hose monkey are reported to have performed some unspeakable act involving Willie's cigar. You may have to use your imagination to fill in the details, or maybe not. The news weasels are working overtime figuring out how to tell the tail tale on the air and in print.


County Commission considering doing away with fourth amendment

The ACC commission is thinking about adopting an ordinance based on the International Property Maintenance Code.

A copy of the International Property Maintenance Code can be ordered online for $22.50 from the SBCCI website. It is not clear what changes will be made to the version the commission is considering.

I have a copy of the draft of Chapter 1. The rest the city clerk would not give me (either it's copyrighted or they have yet to translate it from the original German).

What I have is terrifying. It gives a "code official" (read "ACC bureaucrat") the power to make and promulgate rules and regulations and to carry out inspections. He is entitled to enter your house. If you attempt to deny him entrance he is entitled to come back with a warrant and people with guns who will make you let him into your house. It is sufficient "probable cause" to obtain the warrant that your house is part of a planned program of inspection. This is vague enough to be satisfied by an entry in his calendar reading "inspect John Doe's house at 2:00."

Once he finds a violation of his rules and notifies you, each day that goes by is a separate count. Put off buying a battery for a smoke detector for a month and you could do 30 years of consecutive misdemeanor sentences.

If he observes what he believes to be some violation of some law, he is required to inform the appropriate agencies. Notice that this neatly avoids any probable cause requirement for, say, drug searches. Just have the cooperative "code official" schedule the property for "inspection."

If you care at all about your privacy or your rights under the Fourth Amendment, call your commissioners and raise hell. Tom Chasteen claims to have received many calls in favor of this ordinance. Barrow and Kilpatrick are rumored to think it a good idea. Disabuse them of this notion, if you can. I cannot imagine anyone favoring this ordinance who does not know all the words to the Horst Wessel Leid and sing it every morningin the shower.

Your tax dollars at work

The peripatetic defecatorium

"Communist Party cadres should study the speeches of Hillary Clinton because she offers a very good example of the skills of propaganda."
Yu Quanyu, director of the Chinese Academy of Social Studies

According to Neal Boortz, this is why the Chicoms spent $23,000 on a portable toilet which is accompanying the smartest woman in the world on her travels. We can't expect her to squat in a rice paddy like everybody else, can we?

The Federalist Digest, however, reports that the $23,000 porta-potty was paid for by the American taxpayer, and that Clinton's visit to his Chinese contributors cost us $45,000,000, or about $10,000,000 more than Ken Starr's investigation.

Slick Willie in the Middle Kingdom

"There is no truth to the rumor that President Clinton's visit to Tiananmen Square is a Democratic National Committee fund- raiser. It is just a 'donor-maintenance event'." --Terry Campo in the Washington Times.

Barry Goldwater

Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice;
moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue.

Barry Goldwater

Manchurian Candidate?

The latest stuff of interest concerns Clinton's venality, if not treason, with regard to the sale of highly sensitive missile technology to the Chinese. Sleep well, they now have accurate ICBMs. Tony Snow, in the Drudge Report puts it in perhaps the best light; he doen't accuse Willie of being the Manchurian Candidate.

Arkansas Mischief

From the grave, James MacDougal speaks ill of the living.Read the Washington Post review. Better yet, buy a copy.

Clinton thinking third term?

At a Rose Garden ceremony to present the superintendant of the Air Force Academy with a trophy for football, Clinton said, "I'm good luck for you folks. You ought to think about repealing the 22nd Amendment." The 22nd Amendment limits the president to two terms in office.

New from the Capitol Steps

The 18th album
from the
Capitol Steps
is entitled
"Unzippin My Doo Dah."

Doing well by doing good

As Mr. Clinton's job approval ratings have soared, apparently so have his asset holdings. The Clintons listed their assets at up to $1.7 million in 1996. This year those holdings are listed at up to $5.8 million, or about 48,000,000 Chinese Yuan.

Hillary update

Hillary now has her own foreign policy, different from that of the President and the State Department. She favors immediate Palestinian statehood. (Correction--maybe that's the real position.)

Clinton present during sermon

A scientist friend of the webmaster received a phone call from a colleague in South Africa. The South African reported with some glee that when Clinton attended church in Soweto the sermon was on adultery.

Clinton desecrates Body of Christ

Our President reportedly accepted communion in a Catholic Church. As your webmaster understands it, in order to do so one must (1) be confirmed in the Catholic faith, and (2) be in a state of grace aquired by attending confession and receiving absolution. Anybody think Clinton's been to confession?

Waltzing Willie

Your webmaster missed the photo of the worst couple dancing on the beach, and became aware of it only because of the fuss. For the rest of you who weren't paying attention, we have obtained the photo. A glance at it will explain why the first partner was upset.

Ted Turner-Fonda disses National Anthem

Ted has publically announced that the Star Spangled Banner is a war song and unsuitable to represent the US. He wants a warm and fuzzy national anthem instead. A move is under way to persuade the Turner-Fondas to emigrate to Mars.

'97 Georgia Republican Convention a huge success

The 1997 state convention, held in Macon May 16-17, was attended by thousands of delegates and alternates. Bill Shipp said in his column that we finally got our act together (he finally noticed).

The sessions ran almost too smoothly. Lacking was the usual ration of red meat for the faithful from the podium. Only Rep. Bob Barr's call for impeachment of guess who had the crowd really wild. Two thousand Republicans were looking for rope and a suitable tree.

State Senator Joey Brush again sang the national anthem, but Xena did it better at a hockey game.

Newt nicked, Oaf takes oath

Need we comment?

The precipitous debarkation of the rodentoids

Half of the Clinton cabinet has decided to seek greener pastures. The search for replacements has thus far failed to provide as much amusement as the first round.

State Web Site

The Georgia Republican Party lurches into the 20th Century with a presence on the World Wide Web.

Reading list

Check out our reading list for your amusement.

Quote of note

"If you always do what you always did, you'll always get what you always got".--Richard Boddie to the Libertarian National Convention, July 4, 1996.

Blue RibbonWe support the Electronic Frontier Foundation
which exists to combat such outrages

"GI Bill"

Lawyers for President Clinton have argued before the Supreme Court that Clinton is entitled to relief under the Soldiers and Sailors Relief Act of 1940 in the Paula Jones sexual harassment suit on the grounds that, as Commander in Chief, he is presently on active duty in the Armed Forces of the United States.


Several news services have reported the surgical removal on May 24, 1996, of a growth from the tip of President Clinton's nose. No comment seems necessary.