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In general, the deadline to register to vote in any election is the close of business on the fifth Monday preceding the election. For example, for the November 2, 2000 General Election, the deadline is Monday, October 4.
Runoff elections are considered to be an extension of the preceding Primary or General election, so the deadline is the same as that for the Primary or General election. For example, the November 23 Runoff, if needed, is an extension of the November 2 General Election, so the deadline for registration is Monday, October 4.

Registration Deadlines for 2004

2004 Election Dates and Voter Registration Deadlines


Voter Registration Deadline

Election Date

Presidential Preference Primary/Special Election February 2, 2004 March 2, 2004
General Primary/Nonpartisan Election/Special Election June 21, 2004 July 20, 2004
Primary Runoff/Nonpartisan Runoff/Special Runoff June 21, 2004 August 10, 2004
Special Election August 23, 2004 September 21, 2004
General - Nonpartisan Election/Special Election October 4, 2004 November 2, 2004
General - Nonpartisan Runoff October 4, 2004 November 23, 2004


To register to vote in Georgia, you must:

If You Change Your Name or Address

You must transfer your registration whenever you move out of your precinct. You may use the mail-in voter registration application to do this. You should transfer your registration as soon as possible after you move.

Where to Register

You may register to vote at these locations, among others:


You may also obtain a mail-in registration form from a number of places, including:

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